Top 5 Stunning Web Design Colour Schemes

Top 5 Website Colour Schemes

Did you know colour is linked to our psychology? Different colors evoke different feelings—for example, red is confident, yellow is fun, and blue is trustworthy. This means you can set the tone for your website by choosing colors that reflect what you want your visitors to feel.

To get you started , we’ve chosen the top 5 beautiful websites with versatile color schemes you can take inspiration from. So without further ado, let’s get knee-deep in some beautiful colors.

01. Muted tones


This striking website design by The Martin Agency uses muted gold and off-white tones contrasted against sharper blacks and whites to create a stunning contrast. Simple, minimal, and elegant, this colour scheme is perfect for any sophisticated design you may embark upon.

02. Neon tones and sharp contrast


This website by has a color palette that takes a bold, high-contrast approach by combining a strong dark background with striking neon accent colors. By contrasting black against purples, blues, and pinks, you can create a very striking effect.

03. Warm and bold


Fancy mixing warm and cooler colors to create a unique vibe? Take a leaf from Lush Digital’s book — pair vibrant reds and blues with darker indigos and purples for a dreamy, bold effect.

04. Cool vs. warm


By combining warm hues with cooler ones, you can easily unlock a very punchy palette. This example by Akaru contrasts warm oranges and yellows against cool metallic greys and gunmetal tones to make for a bold, dynamic effect.

05. Summer inspired


When we think of summery designs we think of reds and oranges, but check out how this site by StrADegy Advertising manages to capture the warmth of the season with just corals, blues, and tan colors. A simple, minimal, and easy to use summer-inspired color scheme.

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